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Mai Sahlberg

Development Manager, MSc University of Helsinki, Computer Science


I was born 10th of July in year 1969, which will make me, now in year 2023, 54-years old. During my journey I have worked in several ICT jobs and outside the industry.

I would like to continue my career as part of team providing, designing and creating customer related solutions. I can act as team member or team lead. I would like to work with people for people.

I have a master’s degree in sciences/philosophy from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, or as my younger daughter said in 2008: ”Dad is a canister of natural sciences and a monster of philosophy.”

I get along with a wide range of people- I am open, straightforward, brave and very analytical.

You can reach me by phone from +358 44 522 9238 and with email at

You can find my cv in Finnish at


Arsens Oy, ”ATK-suunnittelija”, developer, software manager 1991 – 1995

University of Helsinki ICT-department of the administrative agency, senior designer 1995-1999

HEX Helsinki Exchange, Business Unit Manager, Development Manager, Architect 1999-2001

Accountor ICT Oy, Development manager 2001-2020

Advania Finland Oy, Development manager 2020-2023


I have written, designed, tested, fixed, evaluated and criticized millions of lines of code in more than ten different programming languages. My preferred stash for the code is GitHub. I prefer to get data over REST interfaces, but I’m not a stranger to json, csv or even xml files. Currently, the most likely dream application architecture would consist of microservices in containers and maybe even ”hosted functions”.

I have designed, implemented and tested several relational databases and maintained several relational database systems. In addition to SQL, I have queried things using KQL, XQuery and jq. I prefer to do reporting with Power BI, but I think Splunk and Elastic stack are more suitable for processing logs.

I have been using Linux since the 90s and have completed RHCE and RHCSA several times. I am no stranger to Windows servers. I know what Azure, AWS and GCP are. I have been exposed to containers and I think they are a good thing. On the on-premises side, I prefer VMware, Nutanix and other KVM-based virtualization solutions when containers are not suitable for the purpose.

Several years ago, I completed ITIL Foundations, and waded through the Cobit framework. I think repeatable processes are necessary and interesting, but for the last few years I have mainly been part of them. During my studies, I did my bachelor thesis on the quality of software production.


Programming languages: Assembler (6502, 6510, 68000), Bash, Basic (Quick, Visual), C, C#, C++, Dart, Guru, Html, Java, Javascript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Powershell, Sed, SQL ja Tcsh

Databases: DB2, MariaDB/Mysql, Microsoft SQL Server, Solid, SQLite, Oracle and Postgresql.

Operating systems and virtualization: Linux, Unix, Windows, KVM, Nutanix, VMware, Azure, GCP and AWS.

Misc software: WordPress, Postfix, Bind, Power BI, Veeam (VMCE) ja Domino.

Misc keywords: REST, Git, GitHub, KQL, XQuery, jq, containers, processes, quality and documentation.

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